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After almost FOUR years of baking, we know that our customers’ favourite day of the month is Build & Bake delivery day!

Free up your time by signing up to ‘The Club’ by Build & Bake. Your favourite delivery every month will arrive like clockwork filled with our latest & greatest high-protein, low-calorie, sweet potato brownies.

Oh, and we tend to drop in some special treats throughout the year for special occasions! You will be first to hear of new offers and products drops and 2022 will be a big one.

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The Build & Bake Team x

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This month’s Premium Box contains:

Lion bar kCal: 135Protein (g):7Fat (g):3Carbohydrates (g):20Velvetella  kCal: 134Protein (g):7Fat (g):2Carbohydrates (g):22White choc brookie kCal: 127Protein (g):6Fat (g):3Carbohydrates (g):19Kinder espresso kCal: 110 Protein (g):7Fat (g):2Carbohydrates (g):16White chocolate biscoff kCal: 115Protein (g):6Fat (g):3Carbohydrates (g):16

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