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 High protein flapjacks made with a luxurious combination of nuts, oats, our sweet potato & special protein blend.

6 proaties in a box, 6 brownies in a box.

Calories are below 🙂




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This is our birthday BAKERS CHOICE PROATIE BOX.

This box has our super amazing new home made no sugar vanilla sponge cake proatie, with chunks of cake inside the proatie, vanilla frosting and a raspberry jam style filling or maybe you fancy our all American special featuring pretzel pieces, Reeses peanut chunks, salt rocks, crisps and marshmallows this is a crazy amount of flavours in your mouth all in one go.

There is a flavour for everyone in this box!

The flavours are as follows.

All American special – marshmallows, salty crisps, pretzel pieces, peanut butter chunks, dark chocolate chunks and a high protein dark chocolate ganache, this is a birthday celebration like no other.


Build&Bake sponge cake – Who wants a vanilla sponge cake with a proatie, well we do happy birthday to us with this combination of soft sweet vanilla sponge, white chocolate and raspberry style filling.


Daim bar dream – We have made our Liam bar proatie just that little bit better with adding a caramel swirl and cracked caramel filling with added salt to bring out the flavour.


B N do do do do do – our go to as children, but making a return crispy crunchy biscuit sweet chocolate filling shortbread crumb and white chocolate drizzle perfect with a cup of tea.


Celebration time – The creamiest vanilla frosting with confetti pieces, crunchy party rings, shortbread and more confetti pieces.


Twix and Milky Way– This is the one we all wanted a combination of our head bakers two favourite chocolates twix and milky bar, this proatie also has a hidden secret it has chunks of shortbread and milky way nougat all the way through the bars !!, honestly this one is going to change your day ! (save it for that rainy day).

Each box contains 6 proaties  (1 of each of flavour)

MACROS (each proatie)

All American special

337.6 kCal

12.8g Fat

32.5g Carbs

23.1g Protein.

B&B sponge cake

298.6 kCal

9.8g Fat

29.5g Carbs

23.1g Protein.

Daim bar 


12.2g Fat

33.5g Carbs

23.1g Protein.


331 kCal

12.2g Fat

35.5 g Carbs

23.1g Protein.

Celebration time

287.6 kCal

8.8g Fat

29.5g Carbs

23.1g Protein.

Milky Way & Twix 

340 kCal

13.2g Fat

35.5 g Carbs

23.1g Protein.

Click here for ingredients of proatie base.
See ‘Additional Information’ tab for allergens and for the ingredients unique to each flavour.

Additional information


Proatie: MILK (WHEY), NUTS (PEANUTS), (Gluten),

Ingredients (Flavouring)

Proaties: Dark Belgian Chocolate (min. 70% Cocoa Butter – Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder), Cocoa Mass, Sugar Free Caramel (Caramel Extract, Water, Natural Flavourings, Thickening Agent), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla;, Biscoff Biscuit Crumb (contains WHEAT), Biscoff Spread (contains WHEAT), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla;

Some toppings are substituted out contact us for any further information.

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