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The bakers box is back and its 9 flavours of incredible flavours we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them.


We can’t wait to see what you think of this limited box!

Nutritional information is below.


Please contact [email protected] for any further information.

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The bosses choice brownie box!

The bosses favourite brownies hand picked and made by him too !  with amazing fillings perfect for those who want a bit of everything or first time buyers who want to experience the best of the best.

This box is extremely limited and once gone unfortunately its gone. So be quick!

The flavours are:

Jaffa cake– One of the first brownies created by the boss, this brownie was a no-brainer to be included in this box! The orange filling layered with an actual orange jelly disk JUST LIKE A JAFFA CAKE, this really is reminiscent of the classic biscuit (Or is it a cake… the debate will forever continue).

White choc Nutella- A white chocolate style brownie with a sweet thick Nutella layer dipped in white chocolate. Hold up we’re not done… it’s finished off with crushed hazelnuts and a GOLDEN chocolate drizzle

malteaser – A classic and for a good reason home made malt filling double chocolate and topped with a malteaser button…wow.

Cornflake crispy– Everyone loves crispy chocolate cornflake cake and we thought how good it would be to turn this classic into a brownie. Well, here it is, and this brownie will defiantly give you that nostalgic feeling and possibly has the best texture to any brownie we have made.

Milk choc Diam bar– This Daim bar brownie will leave your mouths watering, with a cracked caramel style filling, milk chocolate topping, caramel drizzle and finished with that oh-so-amazing mini DAIM bar.

Wispa Gold– A chocolate caramel delight… From the crunch of the topping to the oozing filling this brownie doesn’t need to many words…

Brown sugar biscuit– Seen previously in one of our baker’s choice boxes, this quickly became a customer’s favourite and no surprise it is one of the bosses’ favourites! created first in France the topping for this brownie is a crumbly golden brown sugar biscuit ! The first bite of this brownie will tell it all…

Toblerone– A chocolate lovers dream, as seen before in custom boxes it was only right that we gave you all the chance to try this incredible creation! With that mouth-watering nougat and almond taste, this is a brownie you’ll be wanting to see more of!

Mars bar– A flavour that we have seen a couple of times and it doesn’t need too many words to describe this beauty: just take that first bite and let the brownie do the talking!


Each box contains 9 Brownies 1 of each of flavour)

Brown sugar biscuit


6 Protein 

15 Carbohydrates 

5 Fats

Mars bar 

Calories 135

7 Protein 

20 Carbohydrates 

3 Fats


Calories 130

7 Protein 

21 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

Cornflake cake

Calories 140

7 Protein 

22 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

white chocolate Nutella

Calories 126

7 Protein 

20 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

Jaffa cake 

Calories 118

7 Protein 

18 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

Milk choc Diam bar

Calories 143

7 Protein 

22 Carbohydrates 

3 Fats


Calories 130

7 Protein 

21 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

wispa Gold 

Calories 122

6 Protein 

20 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats


Click here for ingredients of Brownie base.
See ‘Additional Information’ tab for allergens and for the ingredients unique to each flavour.

Additional information


Contains Whey(Milk), Nuts and or nut powder, contains soy, Toppings contain GLUTEN.


Toppings vary so please contact us for more information.

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