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 The same brownie base you know and love, just 20x bigger.


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This KING SIZE brownie is the same brownie base you know and love but BIGGER. 20x bigger, actually.

Perfect for groups, birthdays, celebratory events or cosy nights in.

The brownie base is around 1400 calories, depending on flavours, which can push it up to 2000.

Each king size brownie will contain 100-120g of Protein and 40-60g of Fat.

This monster can be made vegan as well as nut-free. Please read carefully and choose correctly.

Click here for ingredients of brownie base.
See ‘Additional Information’ tab for allergens.

Additional information


Standard Base: MILK (WHEY), NUTS (PEANUTS); Vegan Base: Home bakery that uses milk; Nut-Free Base: Different equipment & machinery at separate times for nut-free products, Home bakery handles nuts. Every effort is made to prevent cross-contamination.

Ingredients (Flavouring)

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