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Be the first to try our new flavours every month with a Premium Box subscription! Macros are below for the box:

-Salted Carmel brownie

kCal: 122

Protein (g):7

Fat (g):3

Carbohydrates (g):17

-White choc Biscoff

kCal: 118

Protein (g):6

Fat (g):3

Carbohydrates (g):17

-Golden Ferrero Rocher

kCal: 131

Protein (g):7

Fat (g):4

Carbohydrates (g):17

-Caramel macchiato

kCal: 113

Protein (g):7

Fat (g):2

Carbohydrates (g):17

-Kinder mallow (marshmallow)

kCal: 125

Protein (g):7

Fat (g):2

Carbohydrates (g):20

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Our March Premium box has landed!


Salted Carmel brownie – The perfect combination of sweet caramel drizzled over a brownie and rich dark chocolate… No further words are required.


White choc Biscoff – A classic that needs no introduction! A combination of a Biscoff-style filling, mixed with white chocolate, coated with a generous layer of white chocolate, and finished off with a dusting of Biscoff crumbs!


Golden Ferrero Rocher – A sweet hazelnut noisette filling, with a white chocolate topping, lashings of crumbled hazelnuts AND a twinkling of gold chocolate to top it off.


Caramel macchiato – Coffee lovers where are you at…Because this one is for you! An incredible white chocolate caramel topping paired with a delectable coffee filling is one to get your day started!


Kinder mallow (marshmallow) – A combo you never know that you needed… With an incredible topping of milk and dark chocolate drizzle with chunks of marshmallows paired with our famous kinder filling, we know this brownie will be returning favourite.



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