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The Premium Box is 9 brownies in our latest & greatest flavours.


This month’s Premium Box contains:


  • FLAVOUR: dark chocolate Biscoff cookie doughFLAVOUR:carrot cakeFLAVOUR: Biscoff& buneoFLAVOUR: white and milk chocolate lindorFLAVOUR: Milk chocolate rolo

Wow your tastebuds with possibly the tastiest healthy brownies out there!

Read the description below for the macro breakdown!

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All made without flour, our sweet potato brownies yield the most decadent, fudgy, rich and chewy brownies you could ask for. Our latest and greatest flavours change every month and are only available in the Premium Box so grab your favourite flavours when you see them!



FLAVOUR: Dark chocolate Biscoff Cookie Dough

It wouldn’t be a Build and Bake© box without a Biscoff flavour in there, this month we have worked hard to bring you one of the best. Layered with Biscoff style filling, topped with a very popular request of bitter sweet dark chocolate and then finished with Biscoff crumbs.

  • kCal: 139
  • Protein (g):7
  • Fat (g):3
  • Carbohydrates (g):17

FLAVOUR: Carrot cake

Is there anything more autumnal then a slice of carrot cake? We don’t think so. This brownie mixes the flavours of a velvety cream cheese filling with a covering of white chocolate finished with carrot cake crumb… perfect with a cuppa.

  • kCal: 125
  • Protein (g):7
  • Fat (g):3
  • Carbohydrates (g):18


FLAVOUR: Biscoff Buneo

This flavour doesn’t need an explanation with the creamy hazelnut and white chocolate style filling topped with a layer of luscious white chocolate and topped with a Biscoff crumb.

  • kCal: 130
  • Protein (g):6
  • Fat (g):4
  • Carbohydrates (g):18

FLAVOUR: milk and white chocolate lindor

A big requested flavour thats finally In the mix, a rich truffle style filling topped with both white chocolate and milk chocolate, this is one to enjoy with a quick 20 seconds blast in the microwave to get that gooey centre experience.

  • kCal: 143
  • Protein (g):6
  • Fat (g):5
  • Carbohydrates (g):19

FLAVOUR: Milk chocolate ROLO.

Would you give up your last one? a classic chocolate redefined into brownie form with a milk chocolate covering surrounding a generous caramel filling.

  • kCal: 100
  • Protein (g):6
  • Fat (g):2
  • Carbohydrates (g):15

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