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The Premium Box is 9 brownies in our latest & greatest flavours.

This month’s Premium Box contains:


Double chocolate Malteaser

134 Kcal 

4 fat (g)

19 carb(g)

5 pro(g)

 white chocolate snickers 

132  Kcal

4 fat(g)

18 carb(g)

6 pro(g)

The star of the show

143  Kcal


20 carb(g)

9 pro(g)

Kinder brownie chunk  

125 Kcal


19  carb(g)

7 pro(g)

Milk chocolate crunchy Biscoff. 

116 Kcal

2 fat(g)

16 carb(g)

7 pro(g)

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All made without flour, our sweet potato brownies yield the most decadent, fudgy, rich and chewy brownies you could ask for. Our latest and greatest flavours change every month and are only available in the Premium Box so grab your favourite flavours when you see them!

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These months flavours are some of our classics and more decadant flavours. 

Double choc kinder brownie- Thick kinder filling topped with dark chocolate mini brownie chunks this is decedent yet light. 

Milk chocolate Biscoff- An original flavour from our very first premium box but now with our new Belgium milk chocolate, with our own take on Biscoff filling topped with a Biscoff crumb.

Double chocolate malteaser – This brownie is A FAN FAVOURITE, home made malt filling is just perfect with dark and milk chocolate topping finished with a malteaser button. 

White chocolate Snickers – Peanut, caramel and all wrapped in luscious white chocolate, this is one of our favourites for good reason, this is also dusted with our new peanut salt to really enhance the flavour. 

The star of the show –A new one for this month and the name really does tell everything you need to know, frosting and protein ganache layered in chocolate and then topped with a home made MUD CAKE wow wow wow. 

Vote for the flavours you want included every month and find our first what this month’s flavours are on our Instagram!


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