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The Premium Box is 9 brownies in our latest & greatest flavours.

This month’s Premium Box contains:

FLAVOUR: Caramac cookie 

  FLAVOUR: Kit Kat crunch 

FLAVOUR: Kinderella 

FLAVOUR: Very Berry Biscoff 



Nutritional information:

Very berry Biscoff 


3 fat (g)

18 carb(g)

5 pro(g)

caramac cookie 

134 Kcal



6 pro(g)


120 Kcal

2 fat(g)

16 carb(g)


Kit Kat crunch 

125 Kcal


19 carb(g)

7 pro(g)

Daim bar 

143 Kcal

5 fat(g)

18 carb(g)

7 pro(g)

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All made without flour, our sweet potato brownies yield the most decadent, fudgy, rich and chewy brownies you could ask for. Our latest and greatest flavours change every month and are only available in the Premium Box so grab your favourite flavours when you see them!

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These months flavours are...

Caramac cookie   – This brownie isn’t only a new addition but what an addition this one is, caramac style filling with a lovely Carmel chocolate topped with Oreo crumb. 

Kit Kat crunch  -milk chocolate and wafer filling TICK… Kit Kat crumb on top TICK…new bitter sweet sugar free dark chocolate drizzle TICK…ordered a box…pending.  

Kinderella This brownie is filled with possibly our favourite filling, its a mixture of kinder bueno style filling and Nutella topped with white and milk chocolate this one heated up will take you to somewhere special, 

Very Berry BiscoffAnother heavy hitter right perfect for the summer or right now ! The combination of a biscoff style filling mixed with the much loved raspberry powdergives a taste like none other, this brownie is then dipped In a biscoff crumb and finished with a raspberry powder. 

DAIM bar  – Its finally back, the daim bar brownie is here and its back with a new cracked caramel style filling milk chocolate topping shortbread crumb and finished with that oh so amazing mini DAIM bar.

Vote for the flavours you want included every month and find our first what this month’s flavours are on our Instagram!


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Ingredients (Flavouring)

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