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These will change every month with unique flavours.

These proaties not only pack a protein punch, but they are also lower in fat and carbohydrates compared to your normal everyday flapjack.

The perfect healthy snack you can enjoy pre or post-workout (or during), or any time of the day, or just all day long!

Each box contains 6 proaties and now 1 of each flavour so you get 6 unique flavours in each box.

MACROS (each Proatie):

Caramel cookie

313 Kcal

9g fat

30g carbohydrate

28g protein

white chocolate biscoff 


10g fat

31g carbohydrate

22g protein

Victoria sponge cake 

308 Kcal

11g fat

30g carbohydrate

22g protein

Reeses caramelised Pretzel


12g fat

34g carbohydrate

22g protein

Breakaway shortbread


12g fat

32g carbohydrate

22g protein

Caramel cornflake cake (Cornflake crispy cake)


11g fat

33g carbohydrate

22g protein

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High protein flapjacks made with a luxurious combination of nuts, oats, our sweet potato & special protein blend.


Caramel cookie – A caramel centre, with a layer of our HOMEMADE cookie dough! Topped off with an epic milk & white chocolate drizzle, and a mini chocolate chip cookie!


Classic Victoria sandwich – We’ve got a newcomer for you here! And my god you don’t want to miss this one! With an incredible raspberry filling, and a smooth vanilla frosting all underneath a white chocolate topping with a homemade sugar-free mini slice of Victoria sponge on top, this Proatie is going to be a HIT!


Cornflake crispy – It had to be right?! This Proatie has been receiving a huge amount of love since we first launched, so it was only right that we introduced this phenomenon to the February premium box! With the best of both worlds of crunch & a thick caramel filling, we don’t need to say too much more. If that’s not enough to convince you this is the BEST Proatie we’ve done!


Breakaway shortbread – Who remembers this classic chocolate bar?! Well, we’ve only gone and replicated it!! A chocolatey shortbread topping with pieces of a breakaway bar, shortbread balls, and smooth thick chocolate filling… This Proatie HITS different!


White chocolate Biscoff – A classic that needs no introduction! A combination of a Biscoff-style filling, mixed with white chocolate, coated with a generous layer of white chocolate, and finished off with a dusting of Biscoff crumbs!


Reese’s salted pretzel – Sweet and Salty we got you! A winning combination of creamy peanut butter, white chocolate drizzle, and topped with Reese’s pieces and a mini pretzel… February just got a little better.


Click here for ingredients of proatie base.
See ‘Additional Information’ tab for allergens and for the ingredients unique to each flavour.

Additional information


Salted Peanut Caramel: MILK (WHEY), NUTS (PEANUTS).
Gluten Free: YES;
Chocolate Orange: MILK (WHEY), NUTS (PEANUTS).
Gluten Free: YES;
Gluten Free: NO.
Gluten Free: NO.

Ingredients (Flavouring)

SALTED PEANUT CARAMEL: Dark Belgian Chocolate (min. 70% Cocoa Butter – Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder), Cocoa Mass, Sugar Free Caramel (Caramel Extract, Water, Natural Flavourings, Thickening Agent), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla; DARK CHOCOLATE BISCOFF: Dark Belgian Chocolate (min. 70% Cocoa Butter – Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder), Cocoa Mass, Biscoff Biscuit Crumb (contains WHEAT), Biscoff Spread (contains WHEAT), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla; CHOCOLATE ORANGE: Dark Belgian Chocolate (min. 70% Cocoa Butter – Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder), Cocoa Mass, Orange Extract, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla; RED VELVET: Beetroot Powder, Coconut Flour (contains WHEAT), Water, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla.

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