ProatiesProatie (subscription) choose your own.

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£17.99 / month

A guaranteed box every month no having to wait for a restock anymore, get as many boxes every month without having to wait, you can also add this onto your brownie subscription !\
Now you can choose your own subscription, whatever  flavour boxes you want
Delivered to your door, no hassle of pre-ordering




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6 In a box      

choose from a box of

kinder buneo


White chocolate snickers

salted carmel

red velvet

Ferrero rocher

Cookies and cream

orange matchmakers


you can now have individual flavours as a subscription so if you want a box of Biscoff and a box of salted Carmel a month you now can !.

To see the Proaties Box flavours’ ingredients & allergens, please click here.

Click here for ingredients of the proatie base.


See ‘Additional Information’ tab for allergens and for flavouring ingredients unique to this product.

Additional information

Box flavour

Biscoff, white chocolate snickers, salted caramel, cookies and cream, Ferrero rocher, chocolate orange matchmakers, red velvet, mix box, kinder buneo, Dark chocolate bisocff (vegan)


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See proatie allergen information

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