Browniessummer loving TRY me  box

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 High protein flapjacks made with a luxurious combination of nuts, oats, our sweet potato & special protein blend.

Beautiful gooey soft brownies all with unique flavours, perfect for a first timer.


2 proaties in a box, 6 brownies in a box.

Calories are below 🙂




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This is our summer loving TRY me  box.

This box has our super amazing new Mr whippy and white chocolate and raspberry proaties in which are both amazing with the white chocolate and raspberry having a hand made raspberry ganache with real dried raspberry and the Mr Whippy having a vanilla ice cream style filling, flake, sprinkles and topped with a raspberry sauce I mean who has bubble gum sauce any way.


As for the brownies throwing in 6 new flavours for you to TRY..

Biscoff mallow – has our marshmallow fluff with Biscoff whipped into it, makes for a light fluffy treat.

Summer fruit crumble and custard – This one heated up is like eating a crumble with custard on and we can’t wait to see you try this.

Tripple chocolate – One for you chocolate lovers out there.

penguin biscuit – our go to as children, but making a return this is no joke either.

New York cheesecake with Lemon and raspberry – The creamiest cheesecake style filling, digestive crumb and lemon and raspberry sauce. WOW.

white chocolate hazelnut praline- This one is like Nutella but 100% better.



white chocolate raspberry

Mr whippy with flake


We can’t wait to see what you all think of them!

Each box contains 2 proaties  and 6 brownies (1 of each of flavour)

MACROS (each proatie)

Mr whippy with flake

319.6 kCal

10.8g Fat

32.5g Carbs

23.1g Protein.

White chocolate raspberry

290.6 kCal

9.8g Fat

29.5g Carbs

21.1g Protein.


MACROS (each brownie )

 Biscoff mallow fluff 


6 Protein 

15 Carbohydrates 

5 Fats

Sumer fruit crumble and custard 

Calories 127

7 Protein 

18 Carbohydrates 

3 Fats

New York cheesecake

Calories 130

7 Protein 

21 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

Tripple chocolate

Calories 132

7 Protein 

20 Carbohydrates 

2 Fats

penguin biscuit  

Calories 140.5

7 Protein 

21 Carbohydrates 

2.5 Fats

White chocolate hazelnut praline

Calories 141

7 Protein 

20 Carbohydrates 

3 Fats




Click here for ingredients of proatie base.
See ‘Additional Information’ tab for allergens and for the ingredients unique to each flavour.

Additional information


Proatie: MILK (WHEY), NUTS (PEANUTS), (Gluten),

Ingredients (Flavouring)

Proaties: Dark Belgian Chocolate (min. 70% Cocoa Butter – Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder), Cocoa Mass, Sugar Free Caramel (Caramel Extract, Water, Natural Flavourings, Thickening Agent), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla;, Biscoff Biscuit Crumb (contains WHEAT), Biscoff Spread (contains WHEAT), Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Natural Vanilla;

Some toppings are substituted out contact us for any further information.

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