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The Premium Box is 9 brownies in our latest & greatest flavours. Macros are below for the box:

White chocolate Biscoff

Kcals- 122.7

Carbs- 18.5

Fats- 3.1

Protein- 5.2


Reese’s combo

Kcals- 136.5

Carbs- 19.5

Fats- 4

Protein- 5.5


White chocolate Twix

Kcals- 132.7

Carbs- 20.2

Fats- 3.5

Protein- 5.1


Nuttella brownie

Kcals- 129.5

Carbs- 19.5

Fats- 3.5

Protein- 5


Choc mud cake

Kcals- 139.8

Carbs- 21.2

Fats- 3.8

Protein- 5.2


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Spring is here and so are our April Premium boxes!!


With some epic spring flavours across the board, we know this is going to be a box you love!


Our Brownie box features 5 mouthwatering flavours, so let’s delve into what we have!


White chocolate Biscoff – Starting up the month with an OG! We are sure many of you have already delved into this flavour but if you haven’t we defiantly recommend you get to know! A smooth but generous Biscoff filling, combined with a luscious white chocolate top and delicately finished off with a dusting of Biscoff crumbs!


Reese’s combo – A nutty brownie for you nutty lovers! A delicious PB style filling, paired with a thick milk chocolate top, and finished off with that delightful crunch factor, crushed peanuts and actual Reese’s pieces on top!


White chocolate Twix – Our Twix combo never goes a miss!! This white chocolate variation is one you don’t want to miss out on! Our much-loved caramel filling, with a topping that is for you white chocolate lovers, a thick white chocolate top, crunchy shortbread balls and a delicate drizzle of caramel!


Nutella brownie – Two nut combos in one box?! Oh, go on then!! This one is simple but so good! A smooth hazelnut filling, perfectly complimented with a milk chocolate top and delicate Nutella-style drizzle! Get this in the microwave for 30/35 seconds and you’ve got yourself a winner!


Choc mud cake – Looking for the perfect indulging brownie?! Then look no further than this beauty! A rich chocolate centre, paired with a dark chocolate top, a milk chocolate drizzle and finished off with the star of the show and actual homemade mud cake! Each part of this creation perfectly compliments each other and this is why it is the star of the show!



All made without flour, our sweet potato brownies yield the most decadent, fudgy, rich and chewy brownies you could ask for. Our latest and greatest flavours change every month and are only available in the Premium Box so grab your favourite flavours when you see them!


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